Here it all begins: what awaits us this summer


The daily soap opera “Here everything begins” on TF1 promises a summer full of twists and turns. Students at the Auguste Armand Institute will have to focus on their education. The end-of-year evaluations are approaching, everyone must find their internship and Salomé should find herself at the heart of a new intrigue.

Here it all begins : a frightening announcement!

All students of Here it all begins are very stressed by end evaluations year and as if that weren’t enough, Chef Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) decided to spice things up. Indeed, at the end of next week, the director will do a terrible announcement: students who fail the assessments will be immediately expelled, and will not have the opportunity to repeat.

This announcement has the effect of a bomb on the students. This change in regulations will stir up trouble at the institute. Maxime (Clément Rémiens) is going again oppose Chief Teyssier. Their relationship is quite complex and the two men like to seek and confront one to the other.

Lots of new decors

Once these difficult tests have passed, the students will each have to devote themselves to their summer internship. Thus, several of them will leave the institute to join the brigades of other restaurants. They must discover a new environment, with a new team.

New decors were therefore created especially for the summer arch. Some students will evolve in a new setting, to the delight of viewers. Otherwise, the production also started in the construction of a new decor, “an ephemeral restaurant”, within the castle of Calvières where the soap opera is filmed.

Everything begins here © TF1 Production

A new arch centered on Salomé

Salomé (Aurélie Pons) has just reunited with her mother and discover kinship ties with Kelly (Axelle Dodier) and Laetitia (Florence Coste). This summer will be an opportunity for her to learn a little better to know his mother, Sylvie Rigaut performed by Elise Tielrooy. The latter is under the influence of her narcissistic pervert husband and her daughter intends to help her get rid of it.

Thus, viewers will finally discover the face of the father-in-law of Laetitia and consequently of Salomé. It will make its first appearance this summer and is expected to to be embodied by Serge Hazanavicius (Up there, Delphine: 1 – Yvan: 0).

As for the couple formed by Salomé with Maxime, it is possible that it will experience some turbulence. Indeed, the favorite couple of viewers may well have a bad past to the point of no longer qualifying them as a “couple”.

The TV series Here it all begins is diffused every evening on TF1 at 6.30 p.m.

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