Here it all begins: six students are permanently fired from the institute!


Kelly cheats and helps Lionel for the end of year events. The sentence falls for the students of the Auguste Armand Institute in “Here everything begins”. The results of the exams are there and the names of the six expelled students are announced … (Attention SPOILERS)

Here it all begins : Kelly cheats to help Lionel

Kelly (Axelle Dodier), the young cleaning lady in Here it all begins, begins to to have feelings for Lionel (Lucien Belvès). She can see that he is in difficulty and is extremely stressed for the end-of-year exams. The first one cooking test turns out to be catastrophic and the young man gets a 4/20 for his dish which is completely missed. After that, Lionel is annoyed. He is convinced that he will be fired, since the bad students are fired.

In order not to leave the establishment, he must therefore obtain a very good mark in the pastry test. Kelly wishes to help him. To do this, she goes to the office of Chief Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) and steals the document containing the recipe for the test. Later in the day, she finds Lionel and whispers the directions to him, explaining that she saw the chef working on a certain technique. Lionel therefore has no idea that the young woman cheated for him. He immediately gets to work and trains on the mirror glaze technique.

An event rich in emotions

All the students are very stressed for the pastry test. Chef Teyssier chose a very complex subject, with a method that no one knows: mirror glaze. Lionel is delighted, and passes the test with flying colors. He even surpasses Maxime (Clément Rémiens) who is one of the best students. This is not the case of everyone. Faced with difficulty, Ludivine (Alizée Bochet) abandons the event and throws off her apron. Jérémy (Pierre Hurel), meanwhile, completely misses his dessert.

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At the end of the ordeal, Lionel hastens to find Kelly and thanks her for her precious advice concerning the pastry test. The young man is relieved, he again has chances of staying at the institute and move on to second year. Kelly is very happy for him and admits that she doesn’t want to see him go. They finally end up exchanging a kiss.

The sentence falls!

The next day, Chef Teyssier brings everyone together and begins by announcing the names of the three best students : Célia (Rebecca Benhamour), Mehdi (Marvin Pelegrino) and Maxime. As for the six fired students, we find Louane (Sidney Cadot-Sambosi), Ludivine, Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni) and Jérémy. Everyone is outraged! Chef Clotilde does not understand how Lionel succeeded in this ordeal. Indeed, usually, he is not very good.

Here it all begins
Everything begins here © TF1 Production

Lionel, meanwhile, is thrilled in Kelly’s arms. Unfortunately, he stumbles upon a photo in his cellphone and realizes that the young woman had the subjects of the exam! He realizes that she cheated for him and that he risks exclusion. In parallel, Clotilde and her husband visualize surveillance cameras of the institute. They discover Lionel revising his recipe, with exactly all the necessary ingredients. No more doubt, Lionel was aware and knew the subject of the test. He therefore risks being excluded!

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