Here it all begins: Louis on the verge of rediscovering love? [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV


In the next episodes of Here it all begins, a new couple could well see the light of day in the kitchens of the Auguste Armand Institute.

Please note, this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Here It All Begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Cupid is about to shoot a new arrow in Here it all begins After upset romances with Salomé (Aurélie Pons) and Elodie (Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni), Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) is about to set his sights on another of his comrades of the Auguste Armand Institute. And the latter is well known to the faithful of the successful soap opera of TF1 since it is about Charlene (Pola Petrenko).

Ever closer since Auguste Armand’s son became the boss of Double A, Louis and Charlene will begin a game of seduction which could well lead them to form one of the key couples in the series.

Moreover, the temperature is about to rise very soon by a notch between the two students if we judge. the last unpublished extract unveiled in preview on MYTF1.

Indeed, Louis joins Charlène at the commissary with the secret hope that their relationship will take the next step. As he begins to kiss her sensually on the neck, the young woman launches ” Did you think we were going to do that here? You don’t have a restaurant to run and a tasting with my father to prepare. “. If Louis makes him understand that he always achieves his ends, Emmanuel’s daughter retorts ” I don’t want to make it easy for you. I can’t wait to know how you’re going to go about it. “.

But can we really hope to see Louis and Charlene eventually forming a couple in Here it all begins?

In an interview with Télé Star magazine published on newsstands this week, Fabian Wolfrom, the interpreter of Louis, confides about this new relationship, “I have the impression that with Charlene, Louis will finally calm down“.

And add, “Her new relationship with Charlene will shift her bearings. As usual, he launches out thinking that he is going to manipulate everyone, but this time he is the one who will be trapped. Maybe by weakening himself, by splitting the armor, he will come out stronger.“.

We can already imagine that this new story is likely to be viewed with a very bad eye by Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche).

To know if Charlene is sincere or if she approaches Louis with an idea behind her head? As manipulative as the other, it is difficult to exclude that Louis could also conceal his true intentions. In any case, this couple will generate a lot of ink in the weeks to come.

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