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In the next episodes of Here it all begins, Lionel (Lucien Belves) will be suspected of cheating which could lead him straight to exclusion …

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Here It All Begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

For the past few days, the Auguste Armand Institute has been living under high tension while first year students are taking their exams. Suspected of cheating, Lionel (Lucien Belves) could be forced to say goodbye to the prestigious gastronomic school in Here everything begins.

In the episodes that will air on Thursday, July 1 , Kelly (Axelle Dodier), who stole the subject of the pastry test, will make Lionel believe that she saw Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) practice making fruit-shaped desserts with mirror icing. What will not be the satisfaction of the Lanneau son when the pastry chef announces that they will be judged on a trompe l’oeil apricot. A test in which he will also excel. Relieved, he will then find Kelly and they will even exchange their first kiss.

The next day, it is amazement when the results are communicated. If Lionel managed to pass in second year thanks to the pastry exam, this is not the case of Louane (Sidney Cadot-Sambosi), Ludivine (Alizée Bochet), Élodie (Sarah-Cheyenne) and Jérémy (Pierre Hurel ) who will have to pack up. For her part, Clotilde (Elsa Lunghini) is perplexed and finds it strange that Lionel has released the best dessert of his promotion. And it is thanks to the help of her husband Guillaume (Bruno Putzulu), that the chef Armand will shortly after get her hands on a video of Lionel training in mirror glazing, a recipe that is however out of the program.

Far from suspecting what is going on behind the scenes, Lionel learns that Kelly stole the exam papers for him. Fearing that someone will find out the truth, the young boss is furious and asks Kelly to leave him alone.

So should we expect Lionel to be fired? According to our colleagues at News Actual, the answer is yes. Warned by Clotilde, Teyssier goes as usual to make a radical decision by firing the student from his establishment.

However, Kelly does not plan to wait with folded arms and decides to take matters into her own hands. However, to do this, she will have to denounce herself if she hopes to see the boy she loves returning to the institute. Knowing that she risks losing her place and at the same time leading to the dismissal of her mother, will Kelly go to the end?

Unless the young woman obtains the providential help of Maxime (Clément Rémiens). According to the synopses unveiled by TF1, the son Delcourt is indeed preparing to enter the game. Also, “en exchange of his help, Maxime succeeds in convincing Lionel to stop there ”. Despite Teyssier’s determination to shed light on this whole affair,
the students of the institute rebel »After a speech by Maxime.

Will Lionel be able to return to the institute? Everything is possible but what is certain is that the summer promises to be eventful in Calvières.

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