Here it all begins: Kelly could fall under the spell of Lionel


Lionel keeps provoking Kelly in “Here everything begins”. The young woman has more than enough of his remarks and insults. She decides not to let it go. Will the tensions eventually subside? (Warning SPOILERS)

Here it all begins : Kelly goes on the attack!

Kelly (Axelle Dodier) is having more and more trouble to endure the insults of Lionel in Here it all begins. The young woman, who is a guardian at the institute, takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the classrooms. Lionel (Lucien Belvès), meanwhile, is an apprentice cook, and he regularly allows himself to denigrate Kelly’s work. The latter has already shown him what she was capable of in the kitchen. Indeed, even if she cannot read, the young woman can make very complex recipes with great precision.

This time Lionel monopolizes the kitchen room while Kelly has come to clean it. So she asks him to leave, but he categorically refuses and calls her a “boniche” once again. He is hateful to her. The young woman has more than enough, it is too much! Out of anger, she grabbed her bucket of dirty water, her mop and throw it all over Lionel’s preparations. His whole cake is completely ruined.

Make way for guilt

Later in the day, Kelly comes face to face with Lionel’s father as well as his little sister. Together, they explain to him that Lionel is preparing a superb layered cake on the theme of surfing for her sister’s birthday. Over the course of this conversation, the young woman realizes that his family esteems him very much and is counting on him to make a magnificent cake. She then feels guilty, and goes back to see Lionel in the kitchen.

Kelly offers to help him. She wants to give him a hand so that this cake is finished on time. Lionel is reluctant to this idea. However, he doesn’t really have a choice. Otherwise, it will never be ready. Kelly therefore becomes Lionnel’s clerk. The young cleaning lady intends to impress her once again, by highlighting her culinary talents. Will they succeed in making peace after so much animosity?

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The beginning of a love story?

According to the official synopsis of the series, Kelly should get closer to Lionel in the next few days. The actress confided in her role in the columns of TV 7 days :

She will fall in love with Lionel, who, not long ago, was making fun of her. We suspect that this story will cause him some problems.

Kelly is understanding. The two sworn enemies will therefore end up reworking. Will they assume their attraction in broad daylight or continue their little war? One thing is certain, the end of the year is approaching, which means that Lionel will have to find an internship and perhaps leave the institute for a while. We will have the answer soon in Here it all begins who is broadcast every evening on TF1 at 6.30 p.m.

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