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As she embarks on a love affair with Olivia, Claire is about to come out to Louis in the next episodes of “Here everything begins”. Should we expect yet another crisis from the young chef?

Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Here It All Begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Claire (Catherine Marchal) and Olivia (Virginie Caliari) have finally decided to let go of their feelings and live their love story in Here it all begins. But to live her relationship in the open, chef Guinot must first talk to her son. How will Louis (Fabian Wolfrom) react to his mother’s coming out?

In a new extract unveiled in preview on MyTF1, Claire takes her courage in both hands and reveals to Louis that she is in a relationship with Olivia. With a smile on her lips, she shares her happiness with her son. “It is very recent. It was barely a few days old. It happened like that, without really seeing it coming. But here we are, we love each other“.

While she expected, surely a little naively, for her son to rejoice for her, such was not her surprise to see him take it so badly. With his legendary tact, Louis launches “And am I supposed to take this without saying anything? ” and throws a chill on Claire’s joy.

The latter tries well to point out to him that there is nothing abnormal in his history with the chef Listrac but Louis, who does not intend to let go of the case for all that, declares, “Oh well, is it not abnormal that my mother is banging one of my teachers? “.

If he defends himself against any form of homophobia, the young man nevertheless indicates that he is afraid of the eyes of others and that “everyone does not care [sa] mouth. “. And to continue,”Do you think I haven’t suffered enough? Wasn’t it enough for you to raise me without a father, accuse me of being an assassin and send me to HP? When does it actually stop?“.

When his mother retorts that he mixes everything up, Louis curtly ends the conversation by saying “You are never responsible for anything! “.

And things are not going to get any better between mother and son. According to the synopsis of TF1, “Louis imposes a choice on Claire without thinking about the consequences. “. Should we expect new shenanigans from Louis and his selfishness? Nothing is less certain since at the same time, Elodie will be outraged by his behavior.

Will Claire decide to listen to her heart despite her son’s reluctance or will he end up accepting his mother’s happiness? Answer soon in Here it all begins.

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