Here it all begins: Célia has fallen for Solal!


In “Here everything begins”, Célia is confused since the departure of Jérémy. The young woman feels very lonely. In addition, his parents are leaving the region. It may well be that she finds comfort in Solal’s arms … (Warning SPOILERS)

Here it all begins : Celia feels very lonely

Yes, for some time now Célia (Rebecca Benhamour) no longer really has morale in Here it all begins. Indeed, her boyfriend Jérémy (Pierre Hurel) who is also his half-brother, has just left the country and the Auguste Armand Institute to go live in Australia.

Since then, the young woman feels very lonely. In addition, his father has just get back together with his mother and they decided to return to live together in Paris. Célia will therefore spend the summer alone, but surrounded by her friends Eliott (Nicolas Anselmo) and Hortense (Catherine Davydzenka). And new arrivals : Ambre (Claire Romain) and Solal (Benjamin Douba) …

Célia (Rebecca Benhamour) – Everything begins here © TF1 Production

Solal does not waste time

The young couple came to spend the rest of the summer vacation in the guest room held by Célia’s grandmother. The latter had completely forgotten the arrival of her two guests. Célia is delighted to see two young people of her age arrive. In addition, they plan to take the institute’s competition and Célia intends to help them.

Solal, seems very interested in these private lessons, but also in Célia and He’s not shy about it. The young man is very close and does not hesitate to make a few allusions, which make Célia uncomfortable. Disturbed by his behavior, she will quickly ask him to stop flirting with her out of respect for Amber. Solal explains to him that he is free and thatthey are polyamorous, which means they can fall in love with other people.

Celia ends up cracking!

Célia is a little lost and asks her friends for advice. One thing is certain, Solal is a beautiful boy and the young woman had better take advantage of it. She has been feeling so lonely lately that the temptation is great. How will Amber react, with whom Célia has sympathized for several days? The young woman does not know if she should give in to temptation.

His friends advise him to talk about it with Amber, but the situation is delicate. Maybe Amber doesn’t agree with her partner. Célia will hesitate for a long time. However, TF1 reveals us in a SPOILER excerpt, images of Celia kissing Solal. The young woman cracks, she can no longer resist. They end up sleep together

To be continued in the next episodes of Here it all begins broadcast every evening on TF1 at 6.30 p.m.

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