Here it all begins: an upcoming wedding for one of the couples in the series? [SPOILERS] – News Series


In the next episodes of Here it all begins, a couple of the series could well pass the ring on the finger according to an unpublished extract unveiled by TF1.


Please note, this article contains spoilers for future episodes of Here It All Begins. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

Summer is conducive to love and to Calvières perhaps a little more than elsewhere. Guided by Cupid and his arrows, a character from the series is about to make his marriage proposal in the next episodes of Here it all begins.

And the lucky winner of this outburst of love is none other than Noémie Matret (Lucia Passaniti). It remains to be seen if she will say yes to Gaëtan (Terence Telle) and if the couple will go well with the ring on their finger.

In an extract unveiled in preview on MYTF1, Gaëtan takes advantage of a romantic stroll through the salt marshes to make a statement to Noémie. In this idyllic setting, the young man tells him, “you changed my life. I’m serious. It’s like I didn’t have the right to be happy until I met you.“.

And to continue, “Noémie, I know it’s you. I’m sure it’s you.“. If she in turn assures him of all her love, Gaëtan would like to tell her what he has on his heart before starting to cry and no longer being credible. He then takes a case out of his pocket and asks to her partner to open it.On discovering the engagement ring lodged inside, Noémie keeps saying “shit” while laughing with embarrassment.

It did not take more to erase the smile that the Rivière son wore until then. Concerned, he retorts, “stop saying that, you’re freaking me out there. Yes, it’s an engagement ring. I’m asking you in marriage there. “.

While chef Matret tries to understand the meaning of her approach, Gaëtan, a bit annoyed, responds, “but because I love you. Because I can’t imagine my life without you and because I want us to move forward together. Don’t you like that idea? “. And while he questions her to know if she accepts, the young woman, destabilized, simply nods her head to her greatest happiness.

Is this a real yes or will she reconsider her decision? Answer in the coming days in Here it all begins.

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