Here are the video games with the most… cheats

Cheating is a plague on online video games but sometimes some people also use it just for solo fun. Anyway here is the list of games with the most cheats.

Surfshark which is best known for its VPN system has just lifted the veil on the result of a study concerning cheating in video games. Whether it’s online titles or totally solo. To find these results, the company ran a cheating content analysis for specific games on YouTube.

Minecraft top of the cheaters video game podium

Not surprisingly it is Minecraft who takes it all. The reason is very simple, it is the most played video game in the world. In these conditions difficult to be able to dethrone him. With the same reasoning we find Among US and Fortnite. Here is the rest of the ranking:

Here are the video games with the most... cheats

However, it is necessary to make allowance for things, cheating on Minecraft may concern the single player mode, namely a cheat (like the Sims 4 later in the ranking) which is absolutely not harmful. It’s the exact opposite with very toxic cheating like in a game like Fortnite.

One of the most famous cheat modules of Minecraft is X-Ray which allows you to see through walls and thus locate dungeons and rare resources from afar. Many servers also try to hunt down this type of tool which completely destroys the very principle of the title. Note that players watched cheating videos Minecraft 30.56 million times. A shame ? It’s up to you to see what you think of cheating in video games.

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