Hellblade 2: the exclusive Xbox Series finally get down to business

Hellblade 2: the exclusive Xbox Series finally get down to business

Hellblade 2 has been keeping a low profile since its announcement at The Game Awards 2019. The console exclusive Xbox Series has been delayed given the health situation which has slowed down development. Where Ninja Theory was blaring about its progress for the first game, its sequel has been silent for a few months. This week, the British studio returns with reassuring news, but which will disappoint those who were hoping for a very soon release.

The development of Hellblade 2 is progressing well

The development of Hellblade 2 has just passed another important milestone. While the sequel to the adventures of Senua hasn’t been talked about again since its seductive gameplay sequence at The Game Awards 2021, other than when it found itself at the heart of a controversy, things are looking up. accelerate internally. Ninja Theory has announced that all of the motion capture part is officially over. In other words, the developers have all the tools necessary to properly animate the characters, cutscenes, attacks, dodges and other elements.

In other words, all that remains is for the British studio to model and incorporate the movements and even the facial and body expressions of the actors in Hellblade 2. Things are moving, but what does this information mean for the release date ? Hard to say at this stage because it all depends on how the studio works. This in no way excludes the possibility of a release in 2023, but we should not expect to see it arrive in the first months of next year. This news, however, gives hope for a new trailer at the Game Awards 2022 since the game has always shown up at this event. And who knows, maybe a Hellblade 2 release window will finally be announced?

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