He invents a giant screen with RGB keyboards

He invents a giant screen with RGB keyboards

The content creator SignalRGB wanted to take on the rather crazy challenge of making a giant screen only with RGB keyboards. A crazy idea you say? Yet he seems to have succeeded as you can see in the video below.

A screen with keyboards? Pleasure ?

This is not the first time that we see this kind of creation since Logitech had made something similar during the PAX East 2016. But it’s almost more amazing here to get there without being a big tech company. These are 40 WhirlwindFX Element v2 model keyboards arranged in eight rows of five devices.

The creator attached four nails to each keyboard with USB hubs and a ton of cable to achieve this look. Then he used his proprietary in-house software to create an assignment grid. SignalRGB explains that this requires only 2% of the processor’s capacity.

Obviously in addition to the installation itself we can also discover a real use. What could be more concrete for this than to launch DOOM? You know, the FPS that can be played almost anywhere. Obviously everything is particularly pixelated but we will still remember the effort of this artistic creation. It is also obviously possible to play MinecraftPong and Mario.

Note that the keyboards in question WhirlwindFX Element v2 are at 50 dollars each and that this experience therefore costs at least 2000 dollars in hardware.

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