He already has your eyes: Lucien-Jean Baptiste’s series will be entitled to an English remake – News Séries on TV


Released in 2019 on France 2, the serial sequel to the film “He already has your eyes” will give birth to a British remake, “Your Eyes”, written by one of the writers of “Killing Eve”.

After a successful transposition on the small screen, He already has your eyes, the film by Lucien Jean-Baptiste released in 2016, will give birth to a British remake! According to French Film, Nolita Films, Ango Productions and TF1 Studio are teaming up with the company Paper Entertainment to develop Your Eyes, a free adaptation of the plot of the film and the series, which followed the path of Paul (Lucien Jean-Baptiste) and Sali Aloka (Aïssa Maïga), an infertile black couple launched in an adoption process who found themselves parents of Benjamin, a white baby with blue eyes.

Years later, Benjamin (Louis Durant) grew up, and Sali and Paul gave birth to a second natural child, Noah (Joakhim Sigue). Now a teenager, Benjamin wonders about his biological parents, and decides to go in search of them, at the very moment when Paul’s father, whom everyone believed dead, resurfaces …

Your Eyes will also focus on a black couple, Paul Oppong, a British Rastafarian, and his wife Yinka, a black rights activist, who have been seeking to adopt a child for years. Like the Aloka couple, they are introduced to a white child with blue eyes, Benny, before giving birth to two twins a few years later, Theo and Lola.

Through a different approach to the French series, Paul and Yinka, who raised their children in a liberal and multicultural neighborhood in order to protect them from the systemic racism and the truth behind their own beliefs and prejudices of the past, will have to move to a a predominantly white affluent city when Paul got a new job.

The series will be written by Isis Davis, actress and screenwriter on the hit series Killing Eve. Conceived ! Imagine, that one day, our family with color is transposed to England. An island. Where we drive on the left. Different what! Well I am proud and looking forward to working with Isis to bring the Aloka family to life across the Channel. Demonstrate that the fight against racism and inequalities transcends borders and all political discourse“, commented Lucien Jean-Baptiste.

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