Hawkeye: a first official image and a date for the Marvel series


The Marvel Cinematic Universe began to settle this year on Disney + with already three series that have been broadcast. One of the next ones will be “Hawkeye”, which will allow Clint Barton to make an appearance again. A first official image has just been unveiled, as well as the launch date.

Hawkeye : the return of Clint Barton on Disney +

For now, the passage of the Marvel Extended Universe on the small screen is giving fans a good feeling. WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier then lately Loki have all contributed to the building. These Disney + series were all the more pleased as we were deprived of Marvel projects during the pandemic. Now that the machine is launched on the platform, the exits are linked. Shortly after the end of the show dedicated to Thor’s half-brother, the studio gives news of Hawkeye.

A creation which, as its title suggests, will be centered on the famous archer camped by Jeremy Renner. We will find him after the events ofEndgame in the company of the one who is his successor: Kate bishop. The character will be introduced as Hailee Steinfeld and we will certainly see her again later. She is expected to take Clint Barton’s place in the future, or even be one of the heads that will form the Young Avengers – if Marvel decides to form that team.

Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) – Avengers: Age of Ultron © Marvel 2015

A first image and a date

The scenario ofHawkeye will therefore tell the meeting between the two. We do not know exactly what the script will talk about, but there is no doubt that the writers have found how to incorporate this adventure into this great connected whole. Marvel just released the very first official image of the series. The promotion is launched with, not surprisingly, a shot that shows the two main characters. Kate, with her bow, accompanies Clint, in civilian clothes. Impossible to draw any conclusion with this image and that is not the point. A first trailer should be released in the next few weeks to further tease us the content of the show.

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