Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy: a cinematic and new images

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games this year. However, Warner Bros. seems too busy cleaning up his films that he almost forgets to communicate about this adaptation. Inevitably, each little info or video is welcomed with open arms by the community and dissected in stride. It had also made it possible to discover a hidden element before the hour. Now, they have a new cinematic and some images of the game to put in their mouths.

New images for Hogwarts Legacy

Finally something new for Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy and it’s not a rumor this time. The adaptation of the universe ofHarry Potter has been making headlines lately with rumors surrounding its release date. This time it’s real. A new cutscene for the game was unveiled during the Autodesk event. We can see the main character and his comrade Natsai witness the torture of a hippogriff before going to his rescue. It’s a little lighthearted, but a few more interesting images of that same presentation are floating around.

We discover for example a new overview of the customization of the characters and their outfits, but also the professor of charm: Abraham Ronen. The latter has been confirmed by a developer as belonging to the Slytherins. And that’s all for now. The Hogwarts Legacy presentation in question also emphasized the motion capture used to bring the game’s various characters to life. Perhaps Warner Bros. Games will decide to share some excerpts in a developer diary soon? We hope so, because the fans are starting to find the time long.


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