Harry Potter finally back to the cinema? On one condition

Harry Potter finally back to the cinema? On one condition

At the investor meeting, Warner Bros got to talk about the movies Harry Potter. The opportunity to tease and set conditions.

As is often the case, a meeting with investors is a goldmine of information. This time it concerns the most important license from Warner, namely Harry Potter. Many people are asking for the saga to return to the big screen (excluding the spin-off) and it could well happen…

Warner Bros wants to make movies Harry Potter but…

Warner’s CEO Bros. David Zaslav explained that he wanted to relaunch the license but on the only condition of having the agreement and the blessing of his author JK Rowling to do so.

We will focus on franchises. We hadn’t had a Superman movie in 13 years. We didn’t do any Harry Potter for 15 years. DC Movies and HP Movies Provided Much of Warner’s Profits Bros.over the past 25 years.

If we can do anything with JK on Harry Potter in the future.

So despite the controversy over the author and her accusations of transphobia, Warner seems to want to reconnect with Rowling. Which is quite logical anyway to create content of which she is the creator herself. It remains to be seen now what form this could take. Will we see the original actors again? Or are we going to follow the story of characters in parallel with what takes place in Harry Potter ?

What do you think of the potential return of HP films? What are your expectations on the question ?

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