Harry Potter : a series would be in preparation, the details

Harry Potter : a series would be in preparation, the details

Decidedly, this is a period rich in information on Harry Potter. This time we can learn that a series is in preparation. The details.

A few days ago we could learn that Warner Bros wanted to keep making movies Harry Potterwith the endorsement and blessing of its author JK Rowling:

NOTWe are going to focus on franchises. We hadn’t had a Superman movie in 13 years. We didn’t do any Harry Potter for 15 years. DC Movies and HP Movies Provided Much of Warner’s Profits Bros. over the past 25 years.

If we can do anything with JK on Harry Potter in the future.

It is in this context that the newspaper Variety was able to glean some information about a particular project.

A series on the way to Harry Potter ?

This is how we can learn that Sarah Aubrey, content manager at HBO Max is diving into the discovery of good Warner licenses Bros to produce. Future licenses “As Harry Potter” she specifies. She adds a little further:

We are creating new content for these fans and thinking about what to do next.

Note that this does not mean that a series Harry Potter is obviously in the works but that means that HBO is actively looking to produce things with this series license. Everything will obviously depend on the quality of the idea and the budget. We can imagine a lot of different content on Harry Potter so vast is this universe. In addition to the spin-off universe around the film Fantastic Beasts, there are many avenues to study throughout the period of the books. With why not a work on the Aurors or on the contrary on the Death Eaters. We can also imagine a series on the life of a student at Hogwarts, contemporary or not of the most famous wizard with glasses. Like why not Hagrid or Tom Riddle acting as a genesis.

A series that would focus on the trio of characters Harry, Ron and Hermione would involve a basic production and a phenomenal tour de force. It would be necessary to convince the 3 actors at the same time and this would have a significant impact on the license and its consequences. But a series on Harry Potter adult is quite possible, if the budget is sufficient.

On your side, what would you like as HP series?

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