Halo : the studio would have made a radical decision for the franchise

Halo : the studio would have made a radical decision for the franchise

Faced with all the problems encountered, in particular technical ones, before and after the release ofHalo Infinite, 343 Industries would have chosen to start from scratch.

Even today, the development ofHalo Infinite proves tricky. Several elements have been delayed again and the studio continues to lose valuable members. To not relive this, 343 Industries would completely change its game engine.

Halo : goodbye Slipspace Engine, hello Unreal Engine 5 ?

It sounds hard to believe, but according to journalist Jeremy Penter, 343 Industries is turning toUnreal Engine 5 for the future of the franchise. Because of this, the team would move away from their in-house engine, the Slipspace Engine.

I can only confirm what many sources say. It is clear that the decision has already been made and that is certain, Halo will pass toUnreal Engine.

The Slispace Engine should, at the base, facilitate the task of the developers but not only. The studio favored proprietary tools, not UE4 at the time, in order to have an engine that met their needs in physics and such.

L’Unreal Engine 5 did he make the teams change their minds? If this is confirmed, what will happen toHalo Infinite? Because 343 Industries’ initial plans were to support it for 10 years. Such a decision, combined with problems and departures, could perhaps hasten its end. Anything can happen but in the meantime, the roadmap is drawn with the addition of the online mode next November 8, the Forge beta the same month, as well as season 3 “Echoes Within” from March 7 to June 27 2023.

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