Halo Infinite: still behind and a long-awaited mode abandoned

The studio ofHalo Infinite had warned, the changes will take time. But despite their mea culpa following fan criticism, the situation is stagnating and the news is still off.

Halo Infinite further pushes back its co-op, Forge mode and Season 3

In a video that takes stock of Halo Infinite, developers 343 Industries announces that the online co-op mode which has already been delayed will not be available until November 8, 2022 as part of the winter update. It was to arrive at the maximum for the end of August, but the absence of news had put the flea in the ear of the players before the hour.

The Forge beta, to create its own levels and modes, expected for September also switches to November. This “Winter update” will also include new maps (Detachment and Argyle), 30 rewards for the battle pass and “Covert One Flag”, a new game mode.

Like season 2, season 3 “Echoes Within” is the victim of a postponement. Initially scheduled for November 8, 2022, it will begin on March 7, 2023 and run until June 27. The content has already been unveiled with two new maps (Arena and Big Team Battle), new equipment (Shroud Screen), a weapon (M392 Bandit) and this time 100 rewards for the battle pass.

Halo  Infinite roadmap 2022/2023.

Play with friends on the same screen? It will never be possible

Last bad news which is not a delay but a pure and simple cancellation: the split-screen co-op mode is finally abandoned permanently by 343 Industries. The studio detailed its choice to reallocate studio resources to better manage the aftermath.

In order to improve and accelerate the development of ongoing live services, and to better respond to player feedback as well as updates related to comfort of play, we reallocated resources from the studio and we are no longer working on split-screen co-op for the campaign.

Almost a year after the release, 343 Industries is still encountering significant problems. It must be remembered that at the base, the postponement of one year had been decided so that the game would not come out “in kit” according to the words of Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox. The question now is whether the team, while preserving its members, will be able to meet the new target deadlines and whether these discrepancies will not further scare away the players.

Halo Infinite is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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