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Fans of virtual boxing, rejoice, Guilty Gear Strive has just landed on the shelves of your favorite retailers on PS4, PS5, PC and arcade, as long as the room next to you is open. We played both console versions and it’s time for the verdict.

Ah, Arc System Works! the only vocation of this name, a large part of the fans of fighting games usually have a thrill that runs through their spine. Guilty Gear, Blazblue, and above all, a new graphic formula inaugurates with Guilty Gear Xrd, then carries brilliantly in Dragon Ball FighterZ and in the great Granblue Fantasy: Versus.

In addition to this insane new graphic style which gives more than ever the impression of having a cartoon in front of you, Arc Sys has also opened up in its latest productions to the joys of “easy combo” and accessibility. all the players, even the noobs. And it worked pretty well. What about with Guilty Gear Strive ? Are the graphics still looking great? And most importantly, does the gameplay live up to it? The answer right away!

Following a nice ball from yours truly, this article will be illustrated with screenshots from … From the BETA … On PS4 … Sorry for the inconvenience.

Game anim

Dj, in visual terms, we always take plenty of eyes. The Cel shading combined with beautiful 3D models still works and we really have the impression of seeing an animate responding to our requests, and when the most powerful blows come out, or at the end of a round, the camera even allows itself to small movements. 3D around the characters of the most beautiful effect and always so classy. If this camera is still much less dynamic than in FighterZ or Granblue Fantasy Versus, still worked very well.

Also, we see that the Arc Sys teams took care of the video game adaptation of Kill la Kill since they probably stung this animated with the crazy and often gloved HUD, taking up all the space on the screen, like during a counter for example. The ten arenas presented have all their charms, and some are not really lacking in fantasy. The metal soundtrack is always present and claps well with its few songs sung. And if the usual heroes keep their costume forever, a few small changes have been made, for example, the hand of yours truly, I-No, has clearly got dressed and doesn’t show so many bits of flesh between two pieces of latex anymore, probably wanting to do so at the time, which is far from a bad thing. But then, less fan service and more fighting?

Giovana, a piece of news just as violent as her little comrades!

The guilty gear

If you are a fan of the saga, this episode could surprise you: without giving in to the sirens of the auto-combo (you will have to get everything in the right order and the right timing!) The overall playability is simplified. There is always this constitution of combos based on cancels, streets, instantaneous defense or burst which remains ultra complex and deep, but a lot of these components have been reworked and simplified. There are still quite a few different possibilities, but ultimately fewer options, and turnarounds are easier. Warning, Guilty Gear Strive remains an ultra technical and deep game, but it gives off a different feeling, closer to what we can have on a Street Fighter V for example, because the pace has also been slightly lowered.

In the radius of the noteworthy novelties, one will note all the same the possibility of breaking the screen in the corners to propel his adversary in another part of the arena. The latter are also sometimes very exuberant and should welcome fierce fights. So yes, Guilty Gear remains a very technical game, but somewhere it has become easier to open up to as many people as possible. The new ones will appreciate it, the old ones will probably be enraged about some tweaks, but in the end everyone should be happy.

The Hud which takes all the screen in Kill la Kill mode, it’s rather classy!

Who can the least …

If, on the other hand, there is one point that will be really open for discussion and which should upset almost the entire universe, it’s the content available at launch. Dj, in terms of single player game modes, we are very far from abundance: Arcade (with cooperative fights bordering on the best!), Survival, versus, training, a rotten old tutorial and a challenge mode that will serve as a tutorial, but which is worse than what Xrd proposed: accessibility and “noob guidance” are no longer the order of the day, and that’s a shame, because that was one of the strengths of the previous episode. You will have a story mode, very well done and very beautiful, but only composed of … cinematics, without any gameplay, and a gallery, moreover very complete. That’s all. In solo, you will quickly have the tour of what Guilty Gear Strive to offer…

Online it’s a little better with a lobby that is always quite …

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