GTA Vice City: Tommy actor Ray Liotta has died

GTA Vice City: Tommy actor Ray Liotta has died

The day ends with sad news. American actor Ray Liotta left us on May 26, 2022, several media announced before Rockstar Game does not express itself.

His name may mean nothing to you, but his face will forever be linked to those of Henry Hill, the man who dreamed of being a gangster in Freedmen. His voice resonated with many players. He was Tommy Vercetti in GTA Vice City.

Ray Liotta, Tommy from GTA Vice City, has left us

Rest in peace Ray Liotta, legendary actor and iconic voice of Tommy Vercetti ” commented Rockstar Games on its social media following the announcement. Born in the 1950s, he first rose to fame in 1986 with Dangerous in all respectswhich earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

The actor nevertheless made a name for himself in Hollywood cinema in the 90s by working with the greatest directors such as Freedmen by Martin Scorsese or even Hannibal by Ridley Scott. It was Scorsese’s work that caught the eye of Rockstar and which prompted the studio to contact the actor to lend his voice to the character of GTA Vice City.

The 67-year-old star left in his sleep, TMZ said, citing a source close to the actor. Ray Liotta died while filming in the Dominican Republic where he was working on a feature film titled Dangerous Waters. For the past few hours, the community of players and fans of GTA Vice City have gathered to pay tribute to him.

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