GTA Vice City like you’ve never seen it before

GTA Vice City like you've never seen it before

GTA: Vice City is considered one of the best games in the series. Something to give ideas to amateur developers.

GTA Vice City dates all the same from 2002. And like any other game with 20 years of age, the visual part is no longer up to date. It is in this context that the chain TeaserPlay made a remake of the cult opening scene of the game. All under the beautiful graphics engine Unreal Engine 5the latest version currently available.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2022

As Rockstar does not seem decided to make a remake of GTA Vice City, fans are taking the bull by the horns. Here is the introductory scene below in Unreal Aegine 5. If usually this kind of amateur remake distorts the game and its atmosphere, this time we have to admit that it’s rather stunning and it makes you want to.

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We can see a Tommy Vercetti more beautiful than ever and overall an atmosphere with small onions, with a modeling of the faces particularly pleasing to the eyes. For the record, the scenario of GTA Vice City takes place in 1986 in the fictional city of the same name, inspired by the American city of Miami.

Now imagine the game in its entirety, playable with this type of graphics under Unreal Engine 5. It’s something to dream about, isn’t it? Because alas, it is not Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy The Definitive Edition which will mark the spirits at this level, with it must be admitted a somewhat lazy visual remaster.

Which GTA episode would you like to see updated?

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