GTA Online: a critical flaw can… make your account disappear

GTA Online: a critical flaw can... make your account disappear

Hacking definitely affects a lot Rockstar with the announcement of a new critical flaw for GTA Online users.

After the 2K hack or the hacking of GTA 6, Rockstar is again the victim of a critical security breach via its hit game GTA Online. Indeed, a new flaw in the code of GTA Online allows modders to withdraw other players’ money, reduce their reputation level and even completely block the game…

GTA Online, be careful

With still no less than 2.5 million active players per month, GTA Online is an extremely popular game. Enough in any case to attract unscrupulous people. As reported by the Tez2 Twitter account, a specialist in gaming news Rockstar Games, Ihe online game has a critical security flaw that is particularly dangerous for your account.

Rockstar is aware of and registered all affected accounts before the first mod menu started abusing the new exploits.

GTAOnline PC High Alert⚠️

New extreme exploits have appeared allowing cheaters to add/remove/modify your stats remotely and permanently corrupt your account aka ban/delete.

Avoid playing without a firewall or playing at all!?.

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for reporting it.

As a result, thousands of gamers responded to a post from Reddit user PapaXa encouraging gamers to GTA Online mass report the problem to the studio Rockstar. Worse, according to Speyedr, this flaw would also allow remote code execution via GTA Online on your PC. A hacker could then use this flaw to activate malware on the computers running the game.

For now and as long as Rockstar has not solved the problem, it is advisable not to play the game. It is better to wait for an official announcement before you can start an online game with peace of mind.

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