GTA Brazil version, this is what it looks like

GTA Brazil version, this is what it looks like

If you like GTA then here is another game you might like. This is 171 and this one takes place in Brazil. Everything you need to know:

Here is a new arrival in the small world of GTA-Like. It is 171. Behind this curious draw hides an open-world action game very close to what we can see in a Grand Theft Auto. Just watch a video of it (above) to be sure.

GTA with Brazil sauce

Here is the description that can be read on Steam at present:

The environment has been designed to bring a sense of familiarity to the player, the city comes to life with pedestrians and cars walking around the map and interacting with each other and with the map. The player has weapons and can interact with the elements present in the city, but be careful because each action can create a reaction of the same intensity, acting aggressively can attract attention, causing the innocent to keep their distance and bringing trouble not only with the police, but also with local bandits.

Currently in early access at a price of 24.29 euros, it should remain so until early 2024 according to the Brazilian developers at Betagames Group. You can find the game sheet by going to the Official page. The atmosphere is clearly inspired by GTA but with an adaptation in Brazil.

As for the state of the game, the opinions are “rather positive” and we can read:

“The main game mechanics have already been implemented, the player can explore the map in depth using the open world mechanics present in the game, it is possible to explore the city, drive cars, motorcycles and to climb houses and establishments, you can also enter some map houses, as about 20% of houses have interactive interiors.There are also random events that take place in certain parts of the city on days and days. specific hours.

You can interact with the characters and vehicles that circulate in the streets of the city, there is the possibility of being friendly or hostile with them, each type of character will respond differently to your actions and your choices will have consequences, you can provoke some criminals or attract the attention of the authorities who will always be attentive to fight crime. (PS: Like in GTA so).

You can earn money by performing specific tasks in the city and spend this money in shops scattered around the map, including shops for weapons, car modifications and clothes for the protagonist.

The game still does not have a campaign mode, despite this you can save your progress in the protagonist’s house.

It is interesting to see Brazilian games, which is rather rare or little known to the general public.

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