GTA 6 victim of a huge leak. The first gameplay videos

GTA 6 victim of a huge leak. The first gameplay videos

GTA 6 is the victim of a huge leak. Almost a hundred gameplay videos have leaked and revealed new details about the highly anticipated game of Rockstar Games.

It’s going to be a long day for the employees of Rockstar. Earlier this morning, alleged gameplay videos of GTA 6 started popping up on social media. And as new ones come in, their legitimacy is hard to question. Dialogues, chases, fights, everything goes in this developer version.

GTA 6 gameplay leaked

Happy Sunday as the other would say. Fans will no doubt be spending their weekend going through these first GTA 6 gameplay videos. . This unprecedented leak would come from an old PS4 build, dating from at least three years ago. Keep in mind that this is therefore an alpha version that has had its day, but which gives a very interesting overview of this new Vice City but also of its two protagonists.

According to the videos, the Bonnie & Clyde duo would be called Lucia and Jason. Both are shown in various gameplay phases. For example, we can see the franchise’s first Latina protagonist rob a waffle restaurant with her accomplice and take hostages before the police arrive. This big GTA 6 leak also brings some interesting details. The Miami Club, cult place of GTA Vice City, would therefore be back, while a new area would be called Port Gellhorn. Gameplay level, the weapons can pass from one hand to the other of the character and be directly picked up on the ground. As per usual, Rockstar would go from its parody of real-world networks and WhatsApp would become WhatUp!, the game’s instant messaging app.

These first videos of GTA 6 also mention various events entitled “Bonnie and Clyde Mysteries”, “Abandoned Hovercraft” or even “Lucia’s Friends”. It would seem that there are permanent events and other “ambient”, probably random ones as in Red Dead Redemption 2. You can find in this article some of these GTA 6 gameplay videos. Unless proven otherwise, we will assume that they are indeed real. We remind you that the game should not arrive by 2024 at the very least. Some things seen in these excerpts have time to change in the meantime.

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