GTA 6 threatened with new leaks because of GTA 5?

GTA 6 threatened with new leaks because of GTA 5?

GTA 5 is once again the victim of a big leak. A lot of data has been released on the net and brings back bad memories to Rockstar.

Definitely, Rockstar is nowhere near being able to relax. After the massive hack of its services last September, now the source code of GTA 5 appears online. Should we fear that the same thing will happen (again) to GTA 6?

GTA 5 source code leaked online

Recently, it seems that a large part of the source code of GTA 5 was unveiled online via GitHub. The latter, however, would not have lasted long and would have been quickly deleted with great blows from the DMCA. However, smart guys have had plenty of time to copy the lines and offer them for illegal downloading.

According to information from DSO Gamingthe source code portion of GTA 5 who leaked online did not allow much to be done, even for insiders. It would indeed be only a few snippets of code allowing only to make some minor changes. GTA 5 would therefore not be in danger, and it would not be the first time that this had happened to him. Several years ago, part of its source code had already been revealed. But this new leak nevertheless raises many questions.

GTA 6 threatened with new leaks?

If for now nothing can say that the leaks come from the recent hack that shook the industry last September, the shortcut is easy and sows doubt.
At the time of the hack, the hackers had claimed that they were in possession of the source codes of GTA 5 and GTA 6and that they were ready to give them to the highest bidder.
Only since then, justice has done its job and Take-Two even recently declared that there was no proof concerning the theft of sensitive material. He also reassured everyone by saying that the development of GTA 6 would be completely unaffected.

So it would seem that this source code of GTA 5 it’s nothing new. GTA 6 on his side also seems safe. Anyway, the very many leaks that had been posted online showed an alpha version several months or even years old. Nothing visibly alarming for the studio, even if this kind of incident is not taken lightly.

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