GTA 6: the young culprit of the huge leak denies his involvement

GTA 6: the young culprit of the huge leak denies his involvement

Arrested and detained, the young 17-year-old hacker, behind the incredible leak of GTA 6, denies his involvement. If he recognizes one of the charges, he pleads not guilty to the most important.

For a week, Rockstar Games has to deal with one of the biggest leaks in video game history, that of GTA 6. The case has moved very quickly since the culprit, a 17-year-old teenager, has been charged. In his defence, the young Briton chose to plead not guilty.

GTA 6 Leaker Doesn’t Acknowledge Facts

The culprit of the GTA 6 leak was charged a few hours ago on two counts in London Children’s Court. For violation of bail conditions » and misuse of a computer », and it is this second charge that the young man refutes. In other words, the alleged culprit denies using tools such as a computer for hacking purposes.

Suspected of being one of the important members of the Lapsus$ group, the teenager would not have acted alone and the police should make at least two new arrests according to the journalist Matthew Keys.

The arrest came following an investigation by US federal agents, who worked with their British counterparts to identify the teenager as a suspect in both attacks. A law enforcement source said at least two people were believed to be involved in the attack on Rockstar Games and Uber, and that more arrests are expected.

Because yes, if the young man is heard for the piracy of Rockstar Games that led to the leak of GTA 6, he would also be responsible for other intrusions. Uber, as mentioned above, but also Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nvidia and Samsung.

Millions amassed in the most total discretion?

According to the information circulating, the culprit would have amassed the modest sum of 14 million dollars. And this, without arousing the suspicions of his parents. During an article of the BBC published a few months earlier, his father declared:

I had never heard of any of this until recently. He has never talked about hacking, but he is very good at computers and spends a lot of time on the computer. I always thought he was playing games. We will try to prevent him from approaching a computer.

It is not yet known what he risks, but the prosecutor Valérie Benjamin who heard him, specified that he had hacked companies via a telephone with the idea of ​​demanding ransoms for software obtained illegally.

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