GTA 6: the release date already revealed by Microsoft?

GTA 6: the release date already revealed by Microsoft?

The Activision-Blizzard takeover continues to make headlines. Regularly, the two industry giants give us a few revelations here and there through interposed arguments transcribed in the official documents of global regulators. After a release window for the PS6, Microsoft is giving a hint as to when GTA 6 will be released.

A release of GTA 6 in 2024?

Despite some insistent rumors, the first official images of GTA 6 are still pending. The numerous leaks that raged a few months ago will have no impact on the development of the game, but it is slow to show itself. That doesn’t stop analysts and gamers from regularly speculating about its release date. Several reputable insiders, like Jason Schreier, had announced the color: we would have to wait until 2025. Microsoft would obviously know a little more about the subject.

To counter the arguments of PlayStation, the Redmond company evokes the possible tracks which could allow Sony to regain the upper hand in terms of subscribers and thus to compensate for a possible exclusivity of Call of Duty. ” Sony could easily increase its marketing investments in FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, or other FPS like Battlefield and Destiny (developed by Bungie, which Sony recently acquired), or any other popular title that might attract more PS Plus subscribers explains Xbox in the official CMA documents. For the American company, several viable options are available to it, such as getting their hands on a deal for GTA 6.

The highly anticipated GTA 6 is set to release in 2024. Call of Duty does not have enough market power to have real leverage even remotely since Call of Duty players are not special compared to other popular franchises “Stipulates the parent company of Xbox. Obviously, this is an estimate of Microsoft which must however be better informed on the subject than many. One thing is certain, GTA 6 will not be on Xbox Game Pass on or after release. Take Two has already decided on the subject.

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