GTA 6: the imminent announcement? Rockstar drop a new clue

GTA 6: the imminent announcement? Rockstar drop a new clue

Since the huge GTA 6 leak, the question of its official presentation has been on everyone’s lips. Speculation and rumors are rife, although Rockstar never communicated officially on the subject. However, the company could have dropped a clue in this direction.

Soon the trailer of GTA 6?

Theories around the announcement of GTA 6 by the end of the month are again fueled by Rockstar in person. The American giant has indeed posted a job offer that has added fuel to the fire. The company is indeed looking for a digital marketing director, who will have to put in place a digital strategy that fits into the firm’s other plans. In other words, someone who could provide digital communication for GTA 6.

Fans therefore believe that the promotional campaign could start earlier than expected, and this could be the case if it is indeed a resumption of a position. Otherwise, and especially knowing Rockstar, such a communication strategy cannot be improvised in two weeks flat. Nothing excludes however that the publisher already has plans with a trailer and that the future employee takes over from this moment.

The noises of corridors announce on their side a possible trailer by October 23, the end date of the GTA Online special event countdown where an hourglass-shaped UFO appears regularly. This same trailer is also tipped for October 29 to mark GTA Vice City’s 20th anniversary. Answer in the days to come, but one thing is certain: we are not done with the rumors around GTA 6.

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