GTA 6 on Xbox Game Pass? The editor has made his choice

Could GTA 6 land on the day of its release or after on Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus Extra? The publisher has made his choice and it is quite clear.

Subscription services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass have been popular in recent years. The builders are not going there to bait the barge and are even ready to spend astronomical sums for games, small as well as large releases. Prestigious names are flying everywhere, and if you’re wondering if GTA 6 will ever come to Xbox Game Pass or the like, Take-Two has clearly already made up its mind.

No GTA 6 on Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus Extra

In the space of just a few years, the Xbox Game Pass has established itself as one of the best good plans in video games. Microsoft has democratized the game on demand and Sony intends to follow in its footsteps with its new PS Plus. Between unsuspected independent nuggets, exclusives and highly anticipated titles as soon as they are released, the American publisher hits hard every month with its “free games”. A commercial practice that benefits both players and developers who benefit from a lucrative contract and visibility that they would probably not have had otherwise. However, day one releases on the catalogs of these games on demand services are not to everyone’s taste.

Sony has repeatedly expressed its position on the subject, and it is now the turn of Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two. In a conference call with investors, the president of the publisher of GTA 6 is very categorical: the day one releases of their games on Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus are of no interest. ” I think it is now obvious that this makes no sense. It’s just a lost opportunity for the publisher he explained.

Take Two GTA 6

Take Two Steps into Subscription Services

The interactive entertainment sector (note: video game) is really different from traditional entertainment. Users consume far fewer hours of interactive entertainment in a given month than linear entertainment. And within this consumption, there are even fewer games consumed than elsewhere. So I wonder if subscription makes as much sense for gaming as it does for linear entertainment. I have already expressed some skepticism and I maintain it.

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two

Zelnick nevertheless recalls that his company has been very cooperative with Microsoft and Sony, but Take Two sees no interest in launching a GTA 6 on the Xbox Game Pass for example. For him it is necessary above all that the company derives a clear advantage for one of its games to be offered free of charge on one of these services.

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