GTA 6: maximum search index for the leaker, the FBI on his heels!

GTA 6: maximum search index for the leaker, the FBI on his heels!

The noose is tightening around the author of the biggest leak in the history of video games. On the night of Saturday September 17, GTA 6 was the victim of an unprecedented leak revealing more than 90 videos from an old version of the long-awaited game. Rockstar has since confirmed an intrusion into its servers, which would have been operated by the same person who raged at Uber last week. He would have since been identified and the FBI is even on the spot.

The FBI is looking for the GTA 6 leaker

The identity of the hacker behind the GTA 6 leaks would be known. According to information from the BBC he would be one of the leaders of the group of Lapsus$ cybercriminals, having thwarted the security of Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nvidia, Samsung, and more recently Uber, in order to steal sensitive data. A rival gang reportedly gave authorities the name of the author of the last two major leaks. According to information from the English media, it would be a young autistic British 16-year-old resident of Oxford. He would have amassed more than 14 million dollars (12 million euros) by hacking various big names in tech.

In an official press release, Uber said it was working with the FBI and the United States Department of Justice to find the hacker. The two entities are actively looking for the author of the cybercrimes, which would also be the same as that of GTA 6. For its part, Rockstar did not communicate on this point, even if one imagines that the American group is also carrying out its investigation. “ We do not anticipate any disruption to our services and this will not have any long-term effect on the development of our products. No long-term effect on the development of our current projects “, then declared the company in its speech. According to the BBC, London authorities have arrested nine teenagers linked to the Lapsus$ group, but refuse to confirm whether or not the author of the leaks from GTA 6 is one of them. To be continued…

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