GTA 6 less ambitious than expected and a kit game?

GTA 6 less ambitious than expected and a kit game?

It’s GTA 6 Day! Jason Schreier launched an article about the game and its development which had the effect of a bomb And in the middle of the most crisp information like the arrival of a Latina protagonist and the confirmation of Vice City as a playground , the journalist explains that Rockstar had to revise its ambitions downwards.

Lower ambitions for GTA 6

Things are coming to fruition for GTA 6. After long, incessant rumors, the reporter from Bloomberg finally spoke to calm things down. We now know that the long-awaited sequel will have a playable female character, a great first in the history of the franchise. However, if Rockstar aborted many projects to focus on his next bestsellerthe publisher has apparently had to revise its ambitions downwards.

The developers were indeed planning to design the biggest game in the franchise. This gargantuan project, codenamed Project Americas, was originally intended to include very large swaths of North and South America, according to Schreier sources. Eventually, they changed their minds to providing only a main map of the fictional city inspired by Miami and its surroundings. However, Rockstar wish updater constantly GTA 6 as a service game with the addition of new regular missions and cities.

Management hopes that this choice will reduce the crunch in the final months of development. Should we expect a map less ambitious than GTA 5? It would seem not. According to the journalist, the map will be very large with more areas and playing fields than any other opus of the license. In any case, we should not expect the game before 2024-2025.

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