GTA 6: huge DLCs after the release? It is precise!

GTA 6: huge DLCs after the release? It is precise!

After crisp information on the city of Vice City and the presence of the first Latin American protagonist, GTA 6 is talking about him again through rumors. In the spotlight this time, post-launch content that should delight fans.

Big narrative DLC for GTA 6?

With GTA 4, Rockstar had spoiled players with quality post-launch content bringing new stories in the form of DLC. The studio then moved away from it to focus on Grand Theft Auto Online, his new cash cow. We now know that GTA 6 will constantly update after its release too. A insider renowned and specialized in leaks of the franchise explained that R* was going to return to his first love, with a model based on large single-player DLC.

In addition to the famous new cities and missions mentioned several times, Rockstar would already start planning narrative DLCs before the release of GTA 6. They would include new stories like The Lost and The Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony from GTA 4. Remember that Grand Theft Auto 5 was also supposed to have the same treatment, but its solo expansion never saw the light of day. Despite everything, the post-launch content would be based above all on the addition of cities and especially islands with new missions in the vein of maps Cayo Perico and North Yankton from GTA Online. It could nevertheless be punctuated by new extensions for the solo, probably at several times as mentioned by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg.

One thing is certain, the development of the game is progressing well and Rockstar has big ambitions for GTA 6. According to the boss of Take-Two, the title should revolutionize the video game and entertainment industry as a whole. Just that ! We will have to wait a few more years to know if it will indeed be a creative flagship or not. The game should not be released before 2024 according to the latest information.

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