GTA 6 becomes the priority of Rockstar. Two big expected games canceled

GTA 6 becomes the priority of Rockstar. Two big expected games canceled

Rockstar is turning its full attention to GTA 6 to the point of shelving two big, highly anticipated remasters in development. Update on the latest information.

GTA 6 or nothing. Years after milking its cash cow GTA 5 and its online, the American publisher now seems to want to focus fully on the next installment of its legendary saga. And this to the detriment of other projects.

Two remasters canceled in favor of GTA 6

According Kotaku and one leaker famous on the news of Rockstar, the American publisher is ready to focus fully on GTA 6. To the point that the company has finally decided to abandon two major projects in the works, both particularly awaited by fans. The studio was indeed developing remasters for GTA 4 (and its DLCs) and Red Dead Redemption before changing his mind. Another potential reason for this reversal: the poor reception of GTA Trilogy The Definitive Edition at the chaotic launch.

Eventually, R* would fully focus on GTA 6, which was confirmed to be in development earlier this year. However, Kotaku explains that the remasters of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption would not be cancelled. Based on its sources, the American media does not exclude that these projects come back in the pipes once episode 6 is finally released. In other words, you won’t be able to go back bowling with Niko and Roman right away. In the meantime, we will have to continue to eat rumors crazier than the other every month about GTA 6.

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