GTA 6: a Latin heroine, direction Vice City, the big news!

GTA 6: a Latin heroine, direction Vice City, the big news!

Rumors around GTA 6 are everywhere. Some, despite their lack of credibility, go around the Web and no one knows which foot to dance on. However, the always well-informed Jason Schreier has just confirmed a long-awaited piece of information.

Location, female character, less satire, all info about GTA 6

GTA 6 will have a female character, it is said. The journalist with whom the conditional is no longer required has published a long article on the game, its characters, but also its tone which should be very different from its predecessors. The information that everyone will retain in the first place is that there will be for the first time in the series a playable woman. According to his information, this Latina protagonist will be accompanied by another playable character. A duo influenced by Bonnie & Clyde, he says. The other question on everyone’s lips is where will Grand Theft Auto 6 take place? As many people hoped, it will be good in Miami and its surroundings.

GTA 6 will also mark another turning point for the license, it should also be less satirical. An artistic decision made in part by big internal changes and a corporate culture described as healthier. However, some employees wonder: “Does a Rockstar kinder can make a bestseller like the studio does so well? Some of them are not sure. Especially since some point to a major problem: “how to satirize America today, when it is already a satire of itself”. In any case, the developers are playing the card of caution regarding jokes about marginalized groups, unlike previous games.

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