GTA 6: a fan shows you what the game map could look like

GTA 6: a fan shows you what the game map could look like

The stubbornness of the players is something that is always very surprising. Like this Grand Theft Auto fan who tries to reconstruct the map of GTA 6.

Following the massive leaks of GTA 6 two weeks ago, the report of which you can read on our news in question, a fan wanted to recreate the map of the game from fragments of video. So obviously it remains subject to interpretation and nothing says if the whole thing is not full of errors. But it’s still an interesting rendering. This is Kotaku which relays this creation.

The map of GTA 6 according to the leaks?

We owe this work of creation and restoration to a certain Church of GTA. The player thus uses the leaked images to offer a first estimate of the huge open world of GTA 6.

In one of the servers Mapping Discord, people are already making great strides. Indeed, the leaked images contain a lot of useful data, such as coordinates which obviously greatly helped budding mappers to understand the location of certain buildings, etc.

Obviously all this remains to be taken with a grain of salt since it is not said that GTA 6 is not divided into several areas to visit and that it is possible to navigate from one to another by plane for example. Whatever happens, we risk having to wait a long time (as always with Rockstar) since there has still been no official trailer to announce the game and even less a release date to bring some grain to grind to fans around the world.

What would you like to see as environments for GTA 6?

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