Grendizer: the return of the giant robot announced by its creator!

Grendizer: the return of the giant robot announced by its creator!

Grendizer will finally be back on the small screen. A new anime has just been announced by Go Nagai, its creator. Here’s what we know so far.

Goldorak is one of those heroes who rocked the childhood and adolescence of many players. While they will soon be able to get their hands on a new Microïds game, the creator of the series has just announced excellent news.

Grendizer back in 2023

Notice to the Grendizer generation, the giant robot from Euphor will be back with a new anime. Led by Go Nagai, mangaka and creator of the cult license, it is currently known as Project G. For the time being, no details are known about this return of UFO Robo Grendizer, except this is that it is not expected before 2023. The video accompanying this announcement also indicates that we will also have to wait until next year to have more information. Still, this simple reveal should be enough to delight fans.

For the most impatient, Dynamic Heroes will arrive on September 9 in France. This crossover brings together characters from the mangaka, including Grendizer, Mazinger Z, Devilman, Great Mazinger, Getter Robot, and Cherry Miel. Initially published in a Kodansha monthly from June 2004 to July 2007, the manga had never yet arrived with us. The opportunity for fans to find all these iconic characters who have marked global pop culture. On the video game side, an eponymous title is currently in development at the French studio Endroad. Scheduled for consoles and PC in 2023, the game is still very enigmatic too.

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