Gran Turismo 7 : the long-awaited feature finally arrives

The monthly update Gran Turismo 7 arrived. As the franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary with a whole host of IRL and in-game events, Polyphony Digital has just confirmed the release date for the next patch and unveiled its content. It won’t be the biggest update to datebut it should still delight fans.

Car resales soon available in Gran Turismo 7

The 1.26 update of Gran Turismo 7 will be deployed on November 24 around 7 a.m. French time. As had teased its creator, it will include a new trio of free cars. The BMW M2 Competition ’18which hides the power of a demon within its compact body, the Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth ’87a masterpiece that won several Group A tournaments, and finally the Nissan Silvia K’s Aero (S14) ’96, an elegant re-design of the original model. Note that you can also get your hands on the Ferrari Vision GT and on the 2019 Red Bull X25th Anniversary by participating in the various events of the 25e license anniversary.

What the fans had been waiting for a long time, however, was the possibility of being able to resell their cars. Polyphony Digital has taken its time, but the 1.26 update will finally mark the arrival of this functionality. While no concrete details were given, the developers have confirmed that it will be possible to sell the cars in one’s personal garage once the GT Café Menus have been completed.

GT7 update 1.26
Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta

And it’s not over as the other would say. A new circuit will also be deployed: the “ Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta “. This historic American road trail is located north of Braselton in the State of Georgia. It is distinguished by its sequence of several fast turns requiring powerful acceleration and even more powerful braking. In addition, of course, there are two new Scapes: “Illuminations” and “Road Atlanta “.

Gran Turismo 7  update 1.26
Gran Turismo 7  update 1.26

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