Gran Turismo 7 : new content that disappoints, angry fans

Far from its catastrophic launch, Gran Turismo 7 continues to update on a monthly basis. Good news for budding pilots, patch 1.23 is now available.

The 1.23 update of Gran Turismo 7 available

Six months after its launch and the controversy, Gran Turismo 7 delights players with almost every new update. The September one has been available for download since this morning and it adds some new features. Starting with its three new cars. The Volkswagen ID.R ’19the famous electric prototype that broke speed records around the world, the Nissan Silvia K Model S (S14) ’94 at the higher level of prestige and in the larger format, and the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder with a daring futuristic vision.

update Gran Turismo 7

As usual, this trio of new cars is accompanied by two new Scapes, the California II and Tokyo II. A new menu book has been added for Collectors level 27 or higher, along with two extras for Corvettes and Porsches. A few events are also on the program: “Silvia Sisters”, “Japanese FR Challenge 450”, “American Clubman Cup 700” and “World Touring Car 800”. Pretty things then, but which disappoint the fans. In question ? The content of each update is considered too meager by regulars.

update Gran Turismo 7

It’s critical. The last time I checked Polyphony Digital was a 25-year-old first-party PlayStation studio. They act like they’re a company of 9 people who thought making an ambitious MMO as their first game was a good idea. As if they had no idea what to do. Now is definitely the time for them to start reading player feedback. Et look at what the competition is doing can we read for example on specialized forums in the game. A feeling that is shared by many other players of Gran Turismo 7early fans.

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