Gotham Knights : the studio on a huge game with an iconic DC hero?

Gotham Knights : the studio on a huge game with an iconic DC hero?

After Gotham Knights, Will WB Games Montreal exploit another totally cult DC character? Their new game already reveals some details about its nature.

What will be the next game from the developers of Gotham Knights ? We have the beginning of an answer.

The studio of Gotham Knights on another DC game?

It is through several job offers that we learn a little more about the future project of the studio of Gotham Knights. The successful candidate for the position of senior gameplay programmer must have worked on at least one AAA that has seen the light of day. But the announcement also states that:

Have worked with theUnreal Engine and the multiplayer architecture is a plus.

Interesting information since, in all likelihood, the next title from WB Games Montreal will still have a multiplayer component. Even though Gotham Knights can be completed solo, it has a two-player online co-op mode.

An ad to be senior concept artist/characters states:

Create a lot of concept content (characters, weapons, gear upgrades) to inspire and communicate the visual direction of an upcoming AAA title.

A new game in the Batman universe? Maybe not. WB Games Montreal could tackle another iconic DC character: Superman. Besides, Gotham Knights contains a number ofeaster eggs on flying man. Pure coincidence or teasing?

In 2015, the studio’s official website clearly stated that a second AAA game in the DC Comics universe was in development.

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