Gotham Knights : new free content available, details

Gotham Knights : new free content available, details

The update of Gotham Knights which brings new free content and an iconic villain is here! Here is all the info on what awaits you.

By relaunching Gotham Knights right now you will receive a free patch that contains two new modes.

Not one, but two co-op modes for Gotham Knights

4-player co-op is available on Gotham Knights via a specific mode: Heroic Assault. As mentioned before, this new feature allows multiple people to team up to complete challenges across 30 floors of a location. And there’s even a little twist.

In these arenas, the Bat-Family will cross paths with Starro The Conqueror, the intergalactic starfish, an iconic villain who controls Man-Bat.

Heroic Assault is an online co-op mode that allows players to team up in fours, venture into the depths of Gotham City, face enemies and overcome challenges across 30 action-packed floors. The mode introduces a new threat causing chaos: the highly advanced alien lifeform Starro The Conqueror, also controlling the formidable half-man, half-bat hybrid Man-Bat.

Heroic Assault is also accompanied by a second co-op mode, Confrontation, with 2 players. This time you will have to fight again against villains of Gotham Knightsbut in a much more powerful version with legendary rewards.

Showdown is a two-player online co-op mode pitting against supercharged versions of the game’s main DC Super-Villains: Mister Freeze, Harley Quinn, Clayface, and Talia al Ghul. By defeating these bosses in Showdown mode, players will earn new legendary gear blueprints, unique combinations, and colorways for the Batcycle.

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