Gotham Knights could revolutionize co-op, here’s how

Gotham Knights could revolutionize co-op, here's how

IGN had the opportunity to discover the game Gotham Knights in preview via its program First and we can discover some subtleties for the management of cooperation which is a bit the essence of the title. Thus, one can learn that there will not be a traditional day/night cycle like in most open worlds. Instead, you’ll play “sequential” nights, with villain stories progressing during this time and new crimes appearing each time the moon rises. Most of the game will take place at night.

A world of night for Gotham

The only time you will see the light of day is when you are at the HQ of the Gotham Knights located on top of a clock tower. From here you can plan your next moves and prepare for the next patrol to defeat your opponents.

In Gotham there will be procedurally generated crimes and gang hideouts that will need to be cleared by you. One of the interests of the game is based on the collection of information and the investigation to know the plans of the supervillains of the city. Be careful though, each villain will be a bit like an optional mission and this will give the player the possibility to take care of it or not. Letting go of a villain could have big consequences on the open world and you could bite your fingers afterwards.

Gotham Knights is scheduled for October 21, 2022 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

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