Gotham Knights : a powerful trailer for Robin, Batman’s sidekick

After the Nightwing trailer, Gotham Knights invites us to get to know Robin better. An iconic character who is deprived of his ally.

Gotham Knights : a video on Robin

Warner Bros. Games, the Montreal studio and DC have released an effective trailer to present Robin in Gotham Knights. From his true identity Tim Drake, Robin must learn to live without the presence of Batman. The latter having passed the weapon to the left. But he knew how to learn from the Dark Knight and use his agility, his mastery of the bō (his long staff) and his gadgets to bring order.

As an expert in the collapsible bō (long staff) and specialist in stealth techniques, Robin is an asset to be relied upon. Robin is able to teleport using technology from the Justice League’s satellite, using speed and surprise to his advantage during his battles. His lack of experience is compensated by his extreme intelligence and detective skills on par with, if not better than Batman’s. Robin yearns to one day take up the torch from his mentor. And when the time is right, it will be ready.

The dose of unique skills

Official presentation for Robin de Gotham Knights.

In the gameplay trailer, Robin shows us the extent of his “ninja” skills through different techniques. The acrobat can make himself invisible but also send a holographic double to take the tangent. Thanks to the Justice League’s satellite technology, he will even be able to teleport through the air. Convenient to go incognito and surprise your opponents.

Gotham Knights will be available on October 22, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC. Warner’s title Bros. Games Montreal will push the limits of the open world with a gigantic city of Gotham.

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