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Centered on a new generation of teenagers from the golden youth, the reboot of “Gossip Girl” broadcast on HBO Max offered a nice nod to the original series by bringing back this week a character well known to fans .

Broadcast from 2007 to 2012 on The CW, the phenomenon series Gossip Girl made its big comeback on July 8 in the United States on HBO Max in the form of a reboot, which should arrive in the coming weeks or months in France. on Warner TV.

Overseen in production and writing by some of the original crew, including Joshua Safran, this new take on Gossip Girl takes place nine years after the events of the original series finale and sees the anonymous blogger, now hidden behind an Instagram account, scrutinize the every move of a new gang of teens led by Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander), the new Queen Bee of the Upper East Side.

And American fans who hoped to see old characters return were certainly not disappointed by episode 4, posted yesterday across the Atlantic, since after having mentioned Nate, Dan, Chuck, Blair, Serena, or even the main Queller during its first episodes, the reboot of Gossip Girl gave us news of Milo Sparks, the son of Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg), who appeared in the flesh as the young Azhy Robertson.

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A big nod to Georgina … and Blair!

Now 10 years old, Milo, who was born between seasons 3 and 4 of the original series, is the escape of an affair between Georgina and a Russian named Serge Ivanov. Although Georgina first made Dan (Penn Badgley) believe he was the child’s biological father (who doesn’t remember that plot ?!).

And it is finally on the unconventional steps of the Met that the young Milo, in first year at St Jude, introduces himself to Zoya (Whitney Peak) and offers to help him take revenge on Julien, his half-sister, with who she’s at war again on her birthday.

“Clearly you don’t know who I am”, launches Milo to Zoya when the latter asks him, at first, to leave her alone. “My last name is Sparks. Ivanov indeed, but in the times we live in, it is better to forget that. [Si tu veux en savoir plus sur moi], Google is your friend. And once you’ve done your research I’ll be your friend too “.

Milo then takes Zoya home, where the walls feature photos of Georgina surrounded by many celebrities. But it’s mostly an eye-catching high school photo of Blair that probably didn’t fail to amuse die-hard Gossip Girl fans.

“The idea of ​​Georgina having some sort of sanctuary dedicated to Blair in her house is really, really funny.”, told showrunner Joshua Safran (Quantico, Soundtrack) to TVLine. “Of all the people she knows, her target is Blair over and over again. She needs to see Blair’s face every day to motivate herself. Or to be inspired to do evil.”.

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Michelle Trachtenberg and other former actors soon in the reboot?

Of course, Milo Sparks remains a (very) minor character of Gossip Girl, since he was only a baby in the original series, and his appearance in episode 4 of the reboot makes us especially wonder why the production did not directly appeal to Michelle Trachtenberg to push the nod to Georgina to its climax.

A deliberate choice of the production which did not want Georgina to overshadow the new heroes of Gossip Girl, according to Joshua Safran. In any case, this early in the reboot. “At first we were like, ‘Are we bringing back any characters from the original show?’ I would love to have Michelle on the show, but we made the decision to let the audience get to know our new ones. characters before, I hope, to be able to bring back old characters “, Joshua Safran told TVLine.

“We thought about what character we could bring back without viewers being disappointed in realizing that they wouldn’t have an entire episode built around the character in question. Because if we brought Serena back for a scene, they would necessarily say,” No, we want a whole Serena centric episode! “”.

“We tried to think of someone who wouldn’t take the whole place in the plot. I’ve always been obsessed with Milo, because I was there when he was invented, and the idea of ​​knowing what he had become …

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