Google: your Xbox games playable from the search bar

Google is currently rolling out an update to Google Search that should allow gamers to stream video games even faster.

If, like many, you are looking for films or music on Google Search, you must have noticed that Google offers you a section in the results with the name of the platforms on which the said film or the said music is available. This feature, which is quite useful for better finding the work of your choice on the platforms, will now also work for video games in the Cloud.

Google: your Xbox games playable from the search bar
Example of movies with John Wick

Google Search opens up to Cloud Gaming

Some users may have noticed that when they searched for a game on the most popular search engine, the result now showed multiple platform choices. This seems to work especially now in Anglo-Saxon countries, which does not yet seem to be the case in France.

The “Play” button next to the name of your search will directly launch the game on the selected service. Currently, Google Search recognizes 4 different platforms: Amazon Luna, Nvidia GeForce Now, Xbox Cloud Gaming and of course the Stadia home platform.

The icing on the cake, Google also specifies when the game you are looking for is available for free, such as Fortnite. Journalist Tom Warren (The Verge) explains:

It’s awesome. Google will let you launch Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud Gaming, and Nvidia’s GeForce Now games directly from search results. The power and ease of cloud gaming in action.

In short, Cloud Gaming is taking more and more space.

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