Google Chrome is going to bring a little joy to your browsers

For the moment Google Chrome offers few customization options for the user who does not want to take the lead. It will change.

It is currently very difficult for a Google Chrome user to personalize their browser without going into complex or difficult to understand settings for the average user. This is why the American giant wants to offer you a PC option inspired by Android. With in particular new dynamic theme, made from your tab wallpaper.

Google Chrome gets a makeover

As shared on Reddit by leopeva64, Google is therefore preparing a customization system that is currently only available in the latest Chrome Canary. The Chrome version for developers.

Google Chrome is going to bring a little joy to your browsers

With this option, each time you switch to a new background image, the entire Chrome interface will change color, like in the two images above. The theme only changes when switching to a background from one of the collections provided by Google. If you try to use your own background image, Chrome will stay on the previous theme. But it’s already a nice evolution compared to the sad side of the vanilla version.

If this option appears in Google Chrome Canary, there is a good chance that it will land on classic Chrome in a future update, but not right away. The next major browser update is number 110 which is not expected until February 2023.

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