Google: a major change is coming to the search engine

Google: a major change is coming to the search engine

Google wants to shake up its search engine a bit by unveiling a new continuous scrolling system. This allows the user in particular not to have to change pages to have everything within reach of the wheel without “loading”.

Google makes an announcement

It is through the official account from the American giant that we can learn the news:

Starting today, we’re introducing continuous scrolling to the US English desktop so you can keep seeing more search results easily. When you reach the bottom of a search results page, you will now be able to see up to six pages of results.

As indicated in Google’s tweet, this new feature is currently only available in the USA. But generally this kind of change ends up landing in other countries to “globalize”. This could bring more visibility on websites that do not necessarily appear on the first page and which will now have the opportunity to be seen more easily by the user.

Note, however, that continuous scrolling has also been available for Google Search on mobile devices since October 2021. But this was not the case on PC (and others). Either way, this change makes the Google search experience similar to feeds on social media apps like Twitter and Facebook or even TikTok or Instagram.

What do you think of this change? Will it change your internet browsing habits?

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