Gone Forever: Teaser For New Netflix Series Adapted From Harlan Coben


Best-selling author Harlan Coben will see another of his works get an adaptation on Netflix. Some time after the series “Innoncent”, it is “Disparu for ever” which will land on August 13 on the platform. Discover the first teaser, with a beautiful French cast.

Gone forever : Harlan Coben still adapted on Netflix

Three years ago, Harlan Coben and Netflix teamed up to bring several of the author’s titles to the screen. The idea is to offer adaptations from several countries. Lately, Spain has launched its arrow with Innocent. France’s turn to try his luck with Gone forever, transposition of the eponymous novel published in the early 2000s. We can thus follow Guillaume, a young man who tried to flee his relatives after the assassination of the one he loved during his adolescence.

He said to himself that his brother would have something to do with this drama, but it has vanished into the wild. Guillaume has since turned the page and shares his life with Judith. However, his demons from the past will resurface when this one will disappear in turn, without leaving the slightest trace. At the same time, his brother, Fred, resurfaces.

Guillaume (Finnegan Oldfield) – Gone forever © Netflix

We feel in this story the Harlan Coben vibe, with mystery on all sides and the past coming back to the fore even when you want to leave it behind. Compared to the original novel, the plot has been transposed to our beautiful country but it will preserve its main elements.

An American director and a French cast

Although we are talking about a French creation, it is an American director who found himself at the helm: Juan Carlos Medina. In front of the camera, on the other hand, it is the French who will shine. Gone forever has also gathered a beautiful casting. The very good Finnegan Oldfield will be in the shoes of Guillaume, his brother will be played by Nicolas Duvauchelle, the former missing girlfriend will be played by Garance Marillier and Nailia Harzoune will lend her features to the character of Judith.

Netflix just unveiled a first teaser for Gone forever. A preview of a few seconds that builds on the mystery and does not yet show too much about the plot. A little taste to start the promotion, which will then continue with the release of a trailer. The 5 episodes are scheduled to be online on August 13th.

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