God of War Ragnarok: this magical nod to an old episode

God of War Ragnarok: this magical nod to an old episode

The latest excerpts from God of War Ragnarok feature a heavy reference to an old game in the saga. A gameplay action where Kratos plays well with his food.

God of War Ragnarok is going to be shamelessly inspired by old games and we witnessed it in the latest gameplay video. Did you miss this part? Here it is !

God of War Ragnarok resumes God of War 2

The last public appearance of God of War Ragnarok has confirmed the statements of our colleagues from Game Informer. This episode looks way back and reintroduced some pretty brutal execution action. Kratos grabs a Grim, a new type of enemy, then gouges his head several times with a Blade of Chaos, before throwing him violently to the ground. A movement which is almost copied and pasted on that of God of War 2. Players were warned: Kratos “will (again) play with his food”.

Given the description of the new combat system, we can say that it will not be the only element taken from another game God of War. Although its release is only set for November 9, 2022 on PS5 and PS4, God of War Ragnarok already has to deal with leaks.

A new leak, which remains to be proven, would have revealed a major boss. And therefore certain keys to the scenario of this opus. The leak would come from the future artbook of GOW Ragnarok. So be careful if you read our article or if you browse the Web.

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