God of War Ragnarok: this character could have not been in the game

The director of God of War Ragnarok continues to speak behind the scenes of the game. A very cool protagonist could have been deleted from the final version.

God of War Ragnarok could have lost its lightness without this endearing character. Spoiler alert!


A new secret of God of War Ragnarok Unveiled

The tone of God of War Ragnarok can confuse because unlike its predecessor, there is more humor. We still owe it to Mimic, to the dwarf Brok and also to Ratatoskr. A squirrel who has a much more important place in this episode. In the previous one, he was in the background and very briefly visible when summoned by Atreus for healing or Hacksilver currency.

But in this sequel, the rodent is a character in its own right, endowed with speech, which gives rise to lighter sequences. Kratos’ head as the animal hoists itself onto the demigod’s shoulders is worth seeing. A contrast wanted and defended to the end by Eric Williams, director of God of War Ragnarok, which prevented its deletion.

I wanted this character in the game and for him to do these things. But everyone was like, ‘We have to cut this. We have too many protagonists”. I then answered “No, it stays in the game”. This scene where he appears? It’s the one where everyone wondered if we weren’t going too far. Even the music director told me, “I don’t even know what to do with the music here. It’s so far from God of War and we haven’t even written music that can help us”.

Eric Williams, Game Director, via Game Informer.

SungWon Cho, a voice actor who worked on Yakuza Like A Dragon, Borderlands 3, or Fire Emblems: Three Hopes, provided both voice and capture performance for Ratatoskr. An actor who accepted the job without even knowing it was for God of War Ragnarok, but was immediately at ease with his background in animal voice acting. And he was given carte blanche to shape the squirrel’s voice and personality.

All’s well that ends well, and that’ll save PETA from castigating the game at least.

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