God of War Ragnarok: the release date soon to be announced?

God of War Ragnarok: the release date soon to be announced?

Would God Of War Ragnarok be about to give its news? In any case, it seems to be off to a good start and it might be with a release date.

Rumors around an upcoming State of Play will intensify. So the developers of God Of War Ragnarok recently asked players to be patient, the game would finally be about to show itself again. In any case, this is what a new index suggests.

Soon a release date for God of War Ragnarok?

As is often the custom, classification bodies scrupulously scrutinize every detail of games before they are launched. This is for example the case of Forspoken, which was given a PEGI 18 for its themes such as alcohol or suicide. And now it’s the turn of God Of War Ragnarök.

The equivalent of the Korean PEGI has indeed screened the next big PlayStation exclusive. The game has received its classification, which usually occurs towards the end of the development of a production, or even near its launch. It could therefore be that God Of War Ragnarok will talk about him very soon, and who knows? Maybe with a release date.

With the approach of the Summer Game Fest, all hopes are allowed. Sony should in any case hold a PlayStation Showcase in September, like last year. We imagine that if the game does not show up by then, we will have to wait until the start of the school year.

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